If you receive an error message about File Associations or errors saying that the file cannot be opened please see below:

Due to updates in Windows some users may experience errors opening Jpeg/PNG files on CD's.

Please note that this is not a CD/image/download error and can easily be rectified: basically, a Windows update has changed the settings on your PC and for some reason is not recognising the .jpg file format which is a standard filename used worldwide.

You can fix this issue easily by following the instructions on this link http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-vista/Change-which-programs-Windows-uses-by-default

OR please follow these simple instructions to change it back to default settings:

Windows 10  https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4028161/windows-10-change-default-programs

Windows Vista, 7 or Windows 8:



Select the option to change FILE ASSOCIATIONS

 In the window search for .JPEG and .JPG in the file listing (if you just click .J the cursor should take you there) and click once on the JPEG option (do this for both)

In the top right corner click on CHANGE PROGRAM

Now select the program you wish to use to open the files – usually Microsoft Picture Viewer - and that's it, fixed!


Windows XP:

Right Click on START


At the top of the page select TOOLS, then FOLDER OPTIONS.

In the dialogue box that comes up Select the FILE TYPES tab.

In the list that comes up click once in the box then type in PNG - the list should automatically find the file (if not, scroll down the list with your cursor and the scroll bar until you find it.  Click once on PNG and under the box it will tell you which program currently opens that file type. 

Click on the CHANGE box and then from the options that are shown choose WINDOWS PICTURE AND FAX VIEWER.

Now select apply, then close.

Now each time you select a PNG file it will always open with this program. You may wish to also do this for JPG and JPEG files as the updates will usually change all 3 of these file types which are the most common you will use.

If you struggle with this and need additional help please call us on 01904 400527 and leave a message with your phone number - someone WILL call you back within 24hrs, or please email on [email protected] and let us have your contact details, again we will call back as soon as someone is available.