USB - Fuzzypuffs digi stamp mini collection

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SKU PD7184
Height 21.00 (cm)
Width 13.00 (cm)
Depth 0.10 (cm)

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  • 13 BLACK & WHITE digital stamp printables PLUS 13 COLOURED digi stamps
  • A fantastic printable digital stamp from our Fuzzypuffs Collection.
  • Make sure you check out the other images available in this range, great value.

HUGE VALUE! You will receive 26 digital stamps on USB (£2.25 each), saving a massive 33% off when you buy this whole kit. The USB drive (1GB) comes with a lovely customisable silver tin to keep it safe (or you can alter this) a cute coloured wrist-strap and a printed tag so you can hang the USB and easily identify it in your collection.

300 dpi, high resolution, print quality images ready for printing.

.PNG format - these images have a clear, transparent background which means you can layer them to create your own scenes. PNGs will open in all the same programs/apps as JPEG but are much better quality and can be resized up and down without loss of quality.

These printables are perfect for all occasions with lovely, versatile designs in vibrant colours. High quality 300 dpi images so no lame, pants printing quality - make sure you use a decent quality paper to get the best print, our papers do not need printing on 'best quality' photo settings, just open the file and print on the standard setting. Print quality is about the quality of the design, not the ink you use, but we always recommend using the best inks you can afford as cheap compatible inks can sometimes be a bit washed out as they contain lower quality ink pigments. However, choose a better paper to give the best results you can get and don't use cheap copy paper as it will soak up your ink and waste it, meaning your prints are really expensive! It is not true that printables are expensive and when you consider that one sheet of scrapbook paper can cost at least 75c, printing your own is way cheaper - and you never have to buy more than one, you can print and stroke as many as you like : D

Want to know what paper we use? ...our Ultimate graphic 160gsm is perfect for your download printing and is the only paper Nikky will use (it's also awesome for colouring on, super smooth and it doesnt drain your inks, it has special technology developed by HP so save yourself some pennies and give it a try, we know you'll love it) - almost card weight but light enough to go through any printer and it's specially created for printing graphics. We try to bring you this paper at the best price we can, but our shipping is worked out for weight so if you get to the checkout and it looks like it's really expensive on shipping, contact us and we'll work out the actual proper cost based on how much you want.