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Perfect Stamping & Printing Card pack - 20 pack

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20 sheets of our favourite card/paper which is perfect for all your Stamping and Printing!

We have been using our Ultimate Graphic paper for 20 years and have still to find anything better. We love the weight of it is not too heavy (keeps the cost of your cards down if you're layering) but you can feel the quality. 

Polkadoodles 160gsm super smooth, brilliant white paper/card.


Time and time again Nikky is asked at shows which card she uses due to the supreme smoothness and quality of print when she prints and stamps. So here it is, in a 50 sheet pack.

There are others on the market which are very similar but in Nikky's opinion this is superior and the best available. Spend a little more on a good stock paper for stamping and printing (especially with printables) and you will save money on inks and get superior results.

  • Super crisp stamping surface
  • Brilliant white so the colour of the paper does not affect the colour of ink, markers, pencils or printer inks you use
  • Goes through your printer well
  • Less bleeding through to the back with alcohol markers
  • Designed for graphics and art - the paper fibres are engineered in a way that makes the ink and mediums sit on the top of the fibre instead of being soaked in - more economical and give you a better colour result every time
  • Consistent, sustainable sourcing from Forestry Commission Certified trees - ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. 

This paper ensures that you can produce the same quality images you see on screen from your printer - printer allowing of course!! A highly advanced paper (160gsm, we call this card, really) - this features unique technology developed between the manufacturer and Hewlett Packard which can give you up to 16% truer black and up to 25% brighter, more vivid colours.  Also, because of the smoothness of the paper fibre, it is less likely to give you printer jams (and therefore less printer rage grrrr!).  In addition, this paper is BRILLIANT WHITE which means the colour you want, is what you achieve and isn't distorted in any way by having a creamy coloured base stock.

Nikky also uses this for all her rubber stamping projects too, together with alcohol based pens and other colouring pens and pencils because it means she gets the best possible results whatever product she uses.

Stamped images are clear with no texture or bumps in the paper to distort the images and alcohol markers blend perfectly without soaking too much of the ink into the paper. Again, the whiteness of the paper ensures that pale colours are a true representation - if you use anything less than a brilliant white surface pale colours will change substantially and give you entirely different results than you expect.

On top of all these fantastic benefits, you should also find that your printer cartridges last longer, meaning you ultimately get much more value for money, after all, its cheaper to invest a bit more in paper than it is to keep replacing those expensive inks!

You can use this for watercolours but it will warp slightly if it gets too wet and we recommend using a good watercolour paper for that technique. 

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