Daniel Smith Confetti Dot Watercolour Card set

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  • Daniel Smith Confetti Dot Watercolour Card set
  • Daniel Smith Confetti Dot Watercolour Card set
  • Daniel Smith Confetti Dot Watercolour Card set
  • Daniel Smith Confetti Dot Watercolour Card set
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If you love colour and creating, you will adore painting with our DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolour Confetti Dot Card Set. Inside, you will find 36 extra-large dots of DANIEL SMITH Watercolours that will add magic to your painting projects! Just take a wet brush, touch the watercolour dot to release the beautiful colour and you are ready to paint!  

Nikky says: "I have been using Daniel Smith Watercolours for years now and they are sublime! Now these beautiful, pigment rich paints - which are like no other in my opinion - are available in this super cute affordable format which suit's a Crafter's purse/wallet price more! Do NOT be fooled into thinking you're not getting much and this is a throwaway item - I have colour cards I've used for YEARS that are still going strong!

The paint is so highly pigmented you need a TINY amount and these will last you a really long time! Just use the card as a paint palette and let it dry when you finish each time - you'll be able to go back for more paint dozens and dozens of times! They are such a thrifty way to get yourself a PREMIUM brand of paint at a pocket price without having to buy lots of tubes of paint - this set gives you the opportunity to buy 36 Premium, top Artist quality paints for the price of a cheap paint set made in China! I highly recommend these for every crafter I know, and I know you will LOVE them! " 

The Watercolour Confetti Dot Card Set is compact and easy to carry to the coffee shop, or mountain top and everywhere in between.



With the dots of watercolour you can celebrate colour, decorate journals, fine art, crafting or simply enjoy colour with colour swatching! Each watercolour dot is packed with pure pigment, which means that the watercolour goes a long way and can be used for multiple small projects! 


Each of the dot cards measure 6cm x 8cm and has 4 different dots of colour. Included in this set are 36 Watercolour Confetti Dots of paint, on 9 inspirational themed cards. An example of one of the “cards can be seen below:


“Gemstones…from your jewellery box to your paint box.” These 4 Dots are made from beautiful semi-precious gemstones and are ready to enhance your paintings!   


  • Left image shows the extra-large dots on the card directly from the box.
  • Centre image shows the colours of the dots after brushing out with a little water.
  • Right image shows each colour painted out onto watercolour paper.
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