On January 1st 2015 all EU Member States became liable to pay VAT on digital download products.

Many European digi stores have closed their doors because of this, not wanting to collect and pay the tax because this now affects EVERY business, no matter how large or small.

Here at Polkadoodles we are a fully recognised, legitimate business and it has always been our policy to pay our due Taxes and VAT within the UK, so this change has not had much effect on our business other than we now legally have to show your VAT/Taxes at the checkout. 

The Tax for your EU member state will be CLEARLY SHOWN in the checkout.  

Please do not query this with us - if your tax is showing, it is correct.

If you are outside of the EU you do not have to pay VAT on Digital sales.

The European Commission is now looking into the payment of these Taxes for small micro businesses - the tax was implemented because of huge global corporations such as Google and Amazon who are participating in Tax avoidance by operating from offices in different EU member countries to avoid paying VAT. Whilst it is annoying that we now have to pay this also, I have every faith that long term a solution will be found for smaller companies like ourselves so we can offer a similar service and be as competitive as stores outside the EU.

With this in mind, we appreciate your support for us as a European business and hope that you will continue to purchase from us - we try to keep our prices on downloads as low as possible to minimise any VAT effects on you as a customer.