Self-adhesive Printable A4 paper for die-cutting etc

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10 sheets of Printable A4 (210 x 297mm) single sided self-adhesive paper which is perfect for printing, stamping & die-cutting projects and ordinary crafts where you need to attach something easily.

Sticky on one side with paper on the other this is perfect for adding glitter etc - great for die-cutting things like letters and sentiments so that you can just glue them straight down, or add glitter etc to make an embellishment.


(please note these are not double-sided, glue is one side only so that you can make easy embellishments etc and use as a backing material for 3D projects).

The possibilities of how you can utilise this are endless and it's one of those craftroom basics every crafter should own.

Perfect for backing FELT and fabrics if you want to die-cut, especially when using thin dies, this backing gives the pressure of your die-cutting machine and die something to push into so it cuts better and releases better.  You can then just attach to your project by gluing down the paper side of your embellishment.