Real Small Oak leaves - Embellishments

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These lovely REAL cream small Oak leaves are amazing and great for embellishing your creative makes.

Contains: approx 30 leaves, varying in size. You may need to smooth/press these out - there are a lot of leaves in each bundle but just press between a couple of books and they will be straightened out in a day or so. They look amazing tucked behind flowers and die cuts and really add life to your projects.

Just cut stems with scissors into smaller sections and add to your projects...

Add behind beautiful paper flowers, die cuts etc it's just stunning and the photos don't do this justice at all.

Add small pieces behind your poinsettia flowers etc on cards or decorate around frames etc if you're making home decor. It will add a really stunning designer feel to your makes, so this kit will go a long long way!

Perfect for all year round - add behind flowers and foliage on cards etc. Fantastic value and really good quality - you will adore this!

Just glue into place with a good PVA or silicon glue.