Q: What is a Digital Stamp? ............


Are you wondering what this is and how do you use a Digital Stamp (also called a Digi, Printable, Digistamp, Clipart and lots of other similar names)?

It's really simple - a digital stamp is the same as a clear or rubber stamp image but instead of buying a physical stamp that you ink by hand with an inkpad, you will receive a digital file that you download onto your computer, tablet or whatever device you wish to use.

Just download it, save it where you can find it again later and then print it with your home printer! 

Although many people think this way of crafting is inferior to having an actual stamp in their hand it's just purely a matter of priorities and personal taste! Most crafters who love using Digis will also buy physical stamps too, but they know the huge benefits of working digitally:

  • You buy it, and usually (depending on the Company you buy from) - once you have gone through the checkout you will receive an order confirmation which contains your download link. Click this then just save it to your computer/device and you can literally be printing it within seconds and be colouring in your image a minute after you buy! No more waiting days for your stamp to arrive! So this is a HUGE advantage especially if you're in a rush and need to make a super fast card!
  • Price - Digi stamps are super cheap to buy! Because we don't have materials to pay for and there's no shipping charges they're around 70% cheaper than buying a physical stamp. The other bonus is you don't have to store them - you can keep them in a folder on your device or in the cloud - in fact, we suggest you store them securely in the Cloud or on an external drive or pen drive.
  • Because you now have the actual image file saved - you can print it whenever you wish! It's not a one-time purchase and as long as you don't lose the image file you will have it forever. Here at Polkadoodles we also give you a lifetime access so even if you do lose it somehow (ie you have to upgrade your device) - just login to your account and all your previous purchases are listed so you can go back and download whenever you want. 
  • You can resize...! Yes! You are not restricted by size like with a physical stamp - you can simply and easily resize the image in your printer settings or if you want to get a little clever you can use a 3rd party editing program to manipulate your image a little more (at Polkadoodles we want you to use the images so this is perfectly ok). So if you want to make a large card or project you can double it up in size and print away - the choice is always yours.
  • Printers and quality....Your image is supplied at super duper quality BUT it will only print at the quality setting you have on your printer and the quality of the card or paper you use will also affect the result you get.  Use the BEST card/paper you can (the Polkadoodles Ultimate Graphic is purposely manufactured to print graphics and the quality of print cannot be beaten). It's personal choice though and obviously depends on what your printer can use!

Printer - after 15 years of providing downloads we know the best methods for you = we always recommend a Canon Printer for crafters and the Canon Pixma printers are cheap enough for most people to afford but they last, are economical on ink and most allow you to print a heavyweight card and even watercolour paper.

Colouring In - If you want to colour your image please note:

ALCOHOL MARKERS - compatible with an inkjet printer but if you use a laser printer an alcohol marker will smudge the toner powder.
Watercolouring - most home users have an Inkjet printer which is waterbased so using waterbased products means your image will smudge too, so if you want to use Distress Inks, watercolour pens etc then printing on an inkjet is not for you...HOWEVER, there are ways you can 'waterproof' your image so that you can use Distress Inks - please Google this to find the best ways there's lots of help online.


Copyright can be difficult to understand, but it's pretty easy...think of a digistamp like it's a Picasso...Picasso created ONE piece of artwork and every other COPY of that original is a copy, a reproduction and you do not own the original artwork, you simply buy 1 COPY to use under a personal licence, for your own personal use. To own the original you need to pay millions of $$$'s to get the very piece he had his own hands on and anything else is simply a reproduction that he allowed to be produced so he could earn a living.

YOU MAY NOT: COPY, SHARE, GIVE, SELL, DISTRIBUTE OR REPRODUCE your digital stamp in any way with any other person or company under any circumstances, even a member of the same family. If you share your digis with your daughter, mum, friend, you are officially breaking copyright, just as we all know we are not allowed to share music or tape from the radio.

Copyright is to protect an Artist from being ripped off - they have to earn a living selling their art and anyone who copies and passes on a piece of that art to someone else is taking bread from their table and money from that artist's pocket. Every company and artist has their own 'TERMS OF USE' - you must always check this and know what you can and can't do with a digital file (and any other art based product).

At Polkadoodles we try to have a simple policy which can be found HERE - please read and be aware of what is allowed, it can be a lot to take in but as a crafter we WANT you to use our images so we are very generous in what we allow you to do...


You can make up to 15 identical cards using the same design but you then need to change your card design somehow (ie different flowers, colours, sentiment, size etc).

If you sell your projects at small shows and craft fayres - this is fine.

If you make wedding stationery - you can do this as long as it all HAND MADE - there must be no automation or commercial process involved.

  • Everything you make/sell must be made by HAND.
  • You must NOT use a sublimation press - this is commercial use and we do not permit this under any circumstances.
  • YOU MUST NOT SELL, share or give away our images in any way - you can not make kits to sell using printed copies of any of our stamps or digital images.
  • WORKSHOPS/CLASSES - you CAN use our images in a workshop environment as part of a class kit project but you must NOT distribute further copies of the stamps/images to your attendees so they can take them home etc.
  • LOGOS/PACKAGING - You must not use our images in LOGOS or any kind of packaging or corporate/commercial way on letterheads, blog avatars, Blog headers, website pages, Social Media pages, emojis etc etc.
  • SCAN & CUT, SILHOUETTE CAMEO, CRICUT MACHINES ETC - You CAN import an image into these machines, resize and manipulate it to cut it out. YOU MAY NOT store it within the machine as a digital file in any way, or reproduce it on a mass scale in any way or copy it to another format etc etc.
  • DIGITAL COLOURING - If you digitally colour an image you still MUST NOT share, sell or reproduce it in any way and you must credit the artist and declare that you have coloured it yourself. 
  • You MUST NOT use our artwork as a derivative artwork in any way for anything other than for personal use and are not permitted to sell any kind of derivative.


We hope this helps you understand what a Digital Stamp is and how amazingly versatile, cost-effective and useful they can be! Now go and download yours - you'll be hooked!