Loyalty Scheme

27/4/17 - UPDATE: 

We are currently trialling another Loyalty Scheme - again this might prove too expensive to run, but we will assess this on an ongoing basis. Please remember to double check all the codes and discounts we have on the website, blogs and social media to get maximum savings on all your purchases anyway.



We have been running a Loyalty Scheme for the past 6 months but unfortunately the company who admin this for us have increased their prices to a ridiculously high level which makes this unviable for us to continue.

Quite simply - we would rather give $250 a month back to YOU instead of putting it in the pockets of a 3rd party business we don't really need!

We have therefore decided to cease the current scheme and that every month we will allocate a one-off discount code available to each customer to use.

We realise that many of you have built up accumulated points but it is not possible for us to use and carry forward those points  - we have over 15,000 customers and it is a massive task to administrate this so we are sorry but any current points are now invalid.

APRIL 2017 .... YOUR CODE IS:.....    '     SWEET REWARD   '

Enter at the checkout to receive a special £2.50 discount off your order

*valid for one use per customer when spending over £15, expires last day of April

We believe this actually gives you much more back than the original Loyalty Program anyway as you are receiving discounts each month rather than having to save up for them which can take a long time.

We will continue to look for a good loyalty scheme alternative that does not break the bank  : ) Enjoy!