Karin Deco Brush Metallic markers, 10 COLOR SET

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This Karin Deco Brush Metallic Markers 10 Piece Set contains ten metallic brush pens presented in a durable metal tin. Each pen is filled with light-resistant metallic paint that is permanent when dry and waterproof on most surfaces.

Decobrush Metallic Markers have a durable Japanese, nylon fibre tip that is wonderfully responsive. The flexibility of the fibres makes these pens ideal for calligraphy and hand-lettering techniques. The metallic colours create brilliant impact, especially on dark papers and surfaces, and provide a subtle shimmer on light surfaces. These pens can be used on traditional drawing and painting surfaces as well as wood, ceramics, glass, metal and plastics.

Each pen holds 2.4ml of non-toxic, pigment-based paint. When not in use pens should be stored horizontally with caps firmly in place.

The markers should be shaken before each use to mix the ink together and can be tested on paper to ensure solid, uniform colour.