Downloading at Polkadoodles is super easy!

You have lifetime access to your downloads so even if you change/lose your PC you will still always be able to access them through the website.

We use Paypal for ALL our banking transactions - it's very reliable and easy to use and it means you can use any credit/debit card or your paypal account. It also means that when things go wrong we can fix it very quickly instead of waiting for huge banking institutions to be open for business and having to call them up - we can usually fix anything with Paypal 24 hours a day. Paypal also protects you as a consumer because it's on your side, always...


1. Purchase your items and go through the easy checkout.

Once you have paid and completed the transaction you have 2 ways to download:

i.  You should receive an automatic email confirming your order and containing your download link. Simply click the link and your file (s) will be shown and you can begin to download - save them to your computer in a place where you won't forget them. We recommend you actually have a Polkadoodles folder in My Documents and save all your PD files to that folder...

  • (don't store files on your desktop, this slows your PC/Mac dramatically and if it ever crashes they wont be retrievable from a desktop where they can be retrieved from folders on your main drive).
  • All our images are usually .PNG or .JPG format which means they will work in virtually ANY program and on any printer to make it easy. Some of our older files might also be PDF which will open in Adobe PDF reader.
  • If you download a " .ZIP " file, this means you've received a whole bundle of files. You have to UNZIP & EXTRACT these (to do this please see instructions HERE)

ii.  If you don't receive an order confirmation this means there's an issue with your email - it probably went to spam or for some reason your email provider has stopped it. 


1. In your account, go to order history.
The order will show a preview of the image you ordered, together with a filename underneath the preview image.
2. Click the filename (i.e. 1234.png) and then download it to your computer and save.
Do not try to download the image with the watermarked text, this is the image from the website and is shown only for reference. NONE OF OUR IMAGES CONTAIN WATERMARKED TEXT, this text is only for copyright protection on the website, your downloaded files will not contain text,

2. Downloading without email/links....

Simply login to your account on the website (this is why it is important to always be registered with us), go to the section called "COMPLETED ORDERS" and all your orders will be listed. Within each order are your download links, just click through until you find the links and click to download.

Anytime you lose files or a PC crashes, simply access all your old links this way. 



Sometimes things can go wrong but it's always one of the following so please don't shout at us if things go wrong, our system is completely automated for downloads and we process 100's of transactions successfully every day:

1. Your order did not complete through Paypal/your card - sometimes this can happen if any of the servers are very busy or there is a connection issue.  Check your payment provider to make sure the payment didn't get through and if there are any issues please contact us ASAP so we can check for you. (sometimes it can appear on a statement online but actually it never actually went through and will be reversed, this can happen with out-ages on bank servers in different timezones sometimes).

2. Very occasionally the payment can go through but Paypal does not fully process the transaction back to us so we think you didn't pay (naughty Paypal went to sleep)...  If your payment screens timed out while processing and you now have an issue this might have happened...again we can always rectify this very quickly so please contact us if you have a Paypal confirmation but nothing else seems to have worked.

3. VERY often - you have more than ONE account registered with us! We often have customers who have created multiple accounts with different emails or mis-spelled emails, OR your Paypal email for payment is different to the one you login with. This means your order processed to one of your other accounts! We can always help you reset passwords and it's much easier all round to only have one account so if this happens let us know so we can try and rescue you! 

We hope this has explained how to download with us - it really is VERY easy and the joy of using downloads is that you can be crafting with your images in a couple of minutes! You don't get much better than that!! Have fun!