Festive Christmas - CD Rom Collection

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The collection is designed to be as versatile as possible so the images can be used for any age/gender.

This clever, unque stamp & CD collection lets you create 100s of different stamping combinations of elements, flowers, leaves and embellishments to create unique designs and projects. Simply stamp each element to build up buildings, flowers and patterns - there are literally hundreds of different ways to use this inventive stamp set, you'll be amazed and addicted once you start!

Use the stamp shapes to build gorgeous flowers, trees, foliage etc, whatever you can think of - the choice is yours! You can easily create the most amazing layered flowers and we almost guarantee yours will be unique to you because there are so many different combinations you can make! So so clever! We also created birds, owls, mice, hot air balloons, borders, backing papers, snowflakes, mandalas! The possibilities with this set are limited only by your imagination so really go for it. The shapes also lend themselves to building patterns too so great for making backing papers, zentangling and if you're a colouring book addict try making up your own colouring pages and have a real blast! Don't be scared - just start building patterns and you will be enthralled with all the different ideas that come to your head!

Includes a sheet of dozens of different combination ideas to get you started!

 As the stamps are clear Polymer this enables you to position your stamps to create your own designs - you will be brimming full of ideas and the more you use them the more you think of! It's a complete blast!

 This collection was originally designed to co-ordinate with our Stamp Soup range of printables which is included to help you create beautiful projects.

 Ideal for creating cards, scrapbook pages and home decor crafting projects to your heart's content.