Problems downloading?

1000's of customers use our download daily, so it's very rare we have an issue which is not something temporary caused by servers or user error.

Usually if you have issues downloading it is either your own anitvirus, firewall or PC that is causing the issue or that you are not downloading and extracting files correctly. 


Ensure you EXTRACT the files correctly after you unzip the folder. Using the unzip folder will not let you access the files, you must extract them first into a new folder, then delete the original zip file and make sure you use the extracted folders not the original ones! This is the number one issue that people have!


1. Recently we have noticed that some of you are receiving error messages such as 'Cannot download, file might be a virus', or 'Path too Long' or when you come to unzip the files you get errors saying it's corrupted etc. THIS IS A WINDOWS ISSUE! If you are trying to download a Collection, these are BIG files and it might be that your antivirus kicks in to protect you.

Resave/rename the downloaded zip file to your PC with a new, very short name, ie DL.zip. Unzip, extract and this error should disappear.


2. Can't download from the website? - We assure you there are no viruses on our website servers so please turn off your Antivirus and Firewall settings if you are having issues, download, then turn them back on as soon as the file is on your PC.


3. Please ensure you leave the file to download correctly - it might take more time than you think, it's a big file remember!


4. Try a different browser to download other than Internet Explorer/Chrome - we recommend Firefox/Safari, it is much more stable and 99% of the time this will resolve your issues.


5. Problems unzipping?

We recommend you try WINRAR or PEAZIP (both free) rather than WINZIP - you can get it free and it is a much better program than winzip.

SAVE your file to your C Folder on your PC rather than having it in other folders - sometimes it's just the pathname that is too long when you have it inside a folder and this makes your PC not recognise it.



If you have any further issues please google - there will be someone else out there who has resolved the same issue you're having, usually you can save a ton of time just by asking Google!