Printed Calendars

We are thrilled to announce that Nikky's amazing artwork has now been commissioned into a range of A4 and A3 Calendars and Picture Books - so now you can colour through your year!

You can purchase these through the following online retailers - shop around on the links for the best pricing and shipping for your location - for instance, Bookdepository ships FREE worldwide!....

(Please note: prices and formats are not determined by Nikky, calendars are printed by external businesses so we have no control over pricing, shipping and paper etc - they are standard calendar formats so please bear this in mind for colouring with markers etc)


cal1web.jpg  calweb.jpg  cal3web.jpg

Search by ISBN through your nearest calendar stockist to order:

  • Colour Your Mind:
  •  A4 calendar: ISBN: 978-1-325-12119-9
  •  A3 calendar: ISBN: 978-1-325-12120-5
  •  Colouring Your Mind Inspiring Foliage:
  •  A4 calendar: ISBN: 978-1-325-12231-8
  •  A3 calendar: ISBN: 978-1-325-12232-5
  • Octavia Moonfly:
  •  A4 calendar: ISBN: 978-1-325-12160-1
  •  A3 calendar: ISBN: 978-1-325-12161-8