Heavenly Dreams Embellishment Project Kit by Stampin Unicorn

Stampin' Unicorn
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From the Stampin'Unicorn.


2m lilac & silver satin ribbon

1/2yd intricate 2" lace

4 gingham bows

4 satin bows

20g Pot of ultrafine white glitter

Co-ordinating quality Paper Flower pack (approx 25 flowers)

3 Beautiful luxury Lace flower embellishment motifs

1 Luxury Lace Butterfly embellishment motif

1 Polystyrene heart with printed project sheet

Approx 130 pink & clear gems

Approx 130 pink/ivory flatbacked pearls.

•A fabulous luxury embellishment Project pack – perfectly colour co-ordinated sparkles, pearls and lace perfect for any crafting project.

•Perfectly curated to colour match and co-ordinate with all the other Stampin Unicorn products and papers.

•Includes special Project Sheet with full instructions on how to create a fabulous Stamped Heart project.